I’m Sarah Cannon, which means I have the same name as the actress who played Minnie Pearl. If you’re looking for this person:


you’re on the wrong blog.

Despite my best efforts, I’m a hopeless wanderer, partly because I married a newsman. I’ve lived in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, and Indiana. I earned my B.S. of Ed. from Ohio University, and I’ve taught everyone from the earliest readers to college students who need writing help. I homeschool my three kids, and tutor part time for a national franchise. I writes all kinds of speculative fiction for young people, inspired by everything from Browncoats to Dutch folklore to TED Talks. I live in a comfy old grey house, which delights me because it makes me think of Grey House in Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising series. We’re in the only hilly part of this mid-western town. I am always happier surrounded by hills.

When I’m not writing or teaching, I grow food, knit, spin, geek out with my family, and sometimes even run on purpose.

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