Query Critique Winners!

It’s a…well, TBH, it’s a gloomy and humid Monday morning around these parts, but let’s pretend it’s more like this:


In keeping with such a GLORIOUS morning, Cat and I have a surprise! We have chosen, not two, but six winners! Each of us will critique three queries.

Yeah, I thought you’d like that. So, who? WHO? WHOOOOO?


I will be critiquing the following three entrants’ queries:

#5: Nicole. Small town girl deals with family issues. Meets new guy in town & crushes instantly. Chaos, comedy & misunderstanding ensues #WritePit #YA

#13: Becky Dean. To save her college hopes, an injured athlete competes for a scholarship in a literary-themed scavenger hunt across England #pitmad #ya

29: Dave Clark. Ky lives in a safe world because Innocent Lives Matter. She broke a huge story, but a jealous friend proves life’s not perfect. #pitmad #A

And Cat will critique queries for these fine folks:

#10: Ali. In this Jazz Age #mystery, 11yo servant sleuth must find a painting’s owner and elude her snobby nemesis to beat a robbery rap. #MG #PitMad

#11: suewrite. Can Lizzie sing her way thru the trauma of waking in a land of unpredictable magic? Will her assumptions get new friends killed? #YA #pitmad

#16: Angela L. Salinna and her brothers encounter fantastic creatures and adventures as they travel to the Land of Myth to save their parents. #pitmad #mg

If you’re a winner, follow Cat or me on twitter. We’ll follow you back, and dm you the email addresses to which to send your queries!

But wait, there’s MOAR!


No, Oprah, not bees.

All 34 pitches in the comments will receive a critique!


Yes, really. It will take the rest of the week to get to them all, I’m thinking. I’m going to do them in batches, so be patient with me, and I promise not to do what a certain scary agent did once upon a time and eviscerate crit queries all night, only to stop at two a.m. IMMEDIATELY BEFORE MINE.

TROYCongratulations, and best best best of luck in #PitchWars!


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