Mentor Bio 2016!

Pitch Warriors! What time is it? SHOWTIME! You can tell, because this is basically the only time of year I post on this blog. So, who am I, and why would you want to pitch to me? I’m Sarah Cannon. I’ve got a background in teaching, and have basically always worked with kids in one […]

Query Critique Winners!

It’s a…well, TBH, it’s a gloomy and humid Monday morning around these parts, but let’s pretend it’s more like this: In keeping with such a GLORIOUS morning, Cat and I have a surprise! We have chosen, not two, but six winners! Each of us will critique three queries. Yeah, I thought you’d like that. So, […]

Pitch Wars: Bring On The Shenanigans!

Welcome, Pitch Wars hopeful! I’m Sarah Cannon, and I’m so glad you’re here. Let me tell you more about who you’re dealing with: at heart, I’m as much a teacher as a writer. I taught in public schools in my 20’s, then stayed home and homeschooled my three kids. (That’s still going on, but they […]

Why I Wrote ODDITY

Some of the Pitch Wars mentees suggested a round of posts about why we wrote the manuscripts we’re pitching. So, why did I write my MG Sci-Fi manuscript, ODDITY? Oh gosh, why didn’t I? First of all, I love stories that are creepy, but still have heart and a sense of humor. I’m an avid […]

Sarah Cannon: Pitch Wars Mentee Bio!

EDIT: This post now comes with added Blog Hop action! Check out Dannie Morin’s Left to Write blog for links to other Pitch Wars Contender bios! This is me: See the additional people in this shot? That’s how I roll. Surrounded by kids. Mine. The neighbors’. Kids I tutor. You get it. Kids. (Mine are actually […]

Writing Process Blog Hop

So, waaaay back on June 12, Sarah Prineas tagged me to participate in a blog hop about writing process. Most of the troubles of life ensued, and as a result, I’m quite late in posting! Here, however, are my answers. 1. What are you working on? I’m finishing edits on a middle-grade that’s a bit […]